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“Ne, Ryou-kun?” Yugi asked. Ryou looked down at the shorter teen as the two of them walked down the street together. It was a hot day and Ryou put a Popsicle in his mouth before answering, “Yes, Yugi-kun?”

Yugi looked at Ryou and asked, “We’ve been dating a while, right?”

Ryou seemed confused as to where this conversation was headed, but shrugged it off and answered. “Yes it has. I believe it’s been about five months.”

“Yeah,” Yugi murmured. He looked to the side and his pupils dilated suddenly, and Ryou giggled. He knew the Spirit of the Sennen Puzzle was talking with his little hikari.

It had been a while since the Sennen Ring had been lost in the ruins of Egypt, and it was by pure luck that the Pharaoh had decided to stay with Yugi and the Puzzle found. It had been a strange but happy reunion for everyone.

“Ne, Ryou-kun? What’s your favourite animal?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I just want to know a little bit more about you.”

“I see. Well, Yugi-kun, my favourite animal is-“

Suddenly, Ryou saw a cat on the street and his heart sped up. He slowly began walking up to it with a carefulness that, if he’d possessed it in PE class, he wouldn’t have so many bruises on his knees. He slowly inched his way toward it, and Yugi noticed he’d stopped talking and looked over.

“Ehm… Ryou-kun? What’s wrong?”

Suddenly, Ryou hugged the cat and held it tight. “It’s a neko!” he laughed. He snuggled it and it purred. Ryou blushed and smiled happily, before he pet it. “Hello Neko-san! My name is Bakura Ryou, and I’d love to be your friend!”

Yugi watched as Ryou seemed to completely forget Yugi existed and snuggled with the cat. A small flush made itself known on Ryou’s pale face and wouldn’t go away.

The cat “mew’d” and Ryou sighed happily, his calm nature taking over as his eyes sparkled. If he’d been a girl, he would have been squealing and saying something along the lines of “KAWAII!!!!”

Yugi giggled as Ryou took the cat’s paw and measured it, hissed slightly when the cat accidentally scratched him, and laughed softly when it licked his finger in apology.

Yami watched this as well, and then looked at his Aibou. He laughed silently, his voice resonating deep and mysterious.

“Aibou, you should go bring him back to reality. It seems we won’t be able to leave otherwise.” Yami said to him in his spirit form, laughing. Yugi pouted and said through their mind link, “But he looks so cute like that!”

Yami shook his head and retreated back into the puzzle, allowing them to do what they wished.

After another ten minutes, Yugi decided enough time had passed. He walked up to Ryou and the cat and crouched down. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say you like cats?”

Ryou snapped back to reality and blushed. He turned to Yugi and scratched the back of his head, before nodding shyly.

“Ah, yes. I love felines, especially the common house cats. But wild ones fascinate me as well.” He smiled gently and looked at the small cat with sparkles in his eyes, as he said with enthusiasm, “After all! They’re absolutely magnificent creatures! So sleek! So graceful! Their limbs are long! Their eyes narrow! They’re absolutely amazing, are they not?”

Yugi laughed and nodded. “Yeah! I guess they are!”

Ryou turned to him and mumbled, “I’m sorry for ignoring you, Yugi-kun. I don’t know what came over me. This just seems to happen to me when I see a cat. I cannot explain it myself. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine! Really! I’m just glad you’re having a good time!” Yugi laughed it off. The two got up and began walking away, Ryou turning back to normal.

Yami, in his soul room, watched Yugi and smiled a small smile. He was glad his aibou finally had someone that would care about him and stick with him to the very end. It felt like a relief, since he’d only really come back to make sure that Yugi would be alright without him. Now he would be able to rest in peace easily.

It was during dinner that night that everyone began to realize that Yugi was behaving a little strangely.

“Yugi, is something the matter?” his jii-chan asked him. Yugi snapped out of mercilessly poking his mashed potatoes with his fork and looked up at his grandfather.

“Yeah. Perfect. Why do you ask, jii-chan?”

“You just seem a little… well… out of it, that’s all.”

“Ah!” Yugi began to laugh slightly. “Gomen! Gomen! I was just in deep thought and forgot what was going on around me! I didn’t mean to worry you!”

“Well, alright then. Stop destroying your potatoes and eat them.”

“Hai hai!”

After dinner Yami watched Yugi as he worked on a puzzle, and shook his head. Yugi looked up to see Yami basically laughing at him.

“Nani?” Yugi asked, pouting.

“Nothing, aibou. But, let me ask, what is it exactly you’re trying to figure out? I can tell it’s about Ryou, but our link isn’t as strong as it used to be.”

Yugi looked down at his puzzle before abandoning it and sitting on the ground more comfortably. He sighed and looked at Yami before saying, “Mou hitori no boku…. I just want to make Ryou smile.”

Yami looked confused. “I understand that, but what are you thinking?”

Yugi blushed, putting his hands together and clasping his hands. “Ehm… Well, since Ryou likes cats, I wanted to do something for him to do with cats! But… Ryou’s parents told him no pets in his apartment, so I can’t just get him a cat. I’m stuck, Mou Hitori No Boku!”

Yami laughed for a moment, causing Yugi to look at him. After a moment, Yami looked at Yugi and smiled.

“Would you like me to help you, aibou?”


Yami stood up, his spirit form being slightly hard to see when he went by the window, and crouched down next to Yugi.

“I know the perfect way to make Ryou smile. Would you like me to help you?”

Yugi looked at Yami and smiled. “Yes please! Thank you Yami! Thank you so much!”

Yami laughed and gave Yugi a wink. “Just leave it all to me.”

The next day, when the gang met at Yugi’s house for Ryou’s “surprise” birthday party. Although, no one had really bothered to keep it a secret, and so Ryou had known about it weeks in advance. However, they decided to go on with the “surprise,” with Ryou kindly agreeing to pretend to be surprised.

So he finished helping decorate his own party, then stepped outside. He waited until all the lightly were off and someone called, “Come in!”

Ryou chuckled lightly and thought about how wonderful this was. Then he stepped in and everyone called out, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

He pretended to be shocked like the good sport he was, and everyone began to party. There was a cake designed like his favourite card, Change of Heart. Then there were party games, such as small duels, board games, and Ryou’s personal favourite, RPGs. Throughout it all Yugi could be heard cheering Ryou on, laughing, and it made the entire day simply better to hear that laughter.

Finally, everyone decided it was time for presents. One by one the presents were opened, and people couldn’t help but “ooh” and “aah” at the amazing presents. Even Ryou’s father had sent him a brand new RPG that was new in Egypt.

Then came Yugi’s turn. Everyone saw Yugi’s present, which was a replica of the Sennen Ring. Ryou loved it and thanked him. Everyone thought it was over, until a light went off from the Sennen Puzzle, and Yami emerged.

“I’m sorry, but Yugi forgot to mention that Bakura has another present from him. Aibou can be forgetful. We just have to go get it. Please wait a second.”

“Mou hitori no boku?” Yugi asked from the puzzle. “What’s going on?”

Yami simply walked up the stairs and grabbed a package. From inside he pulled out a black rope-like object and fastened it to the back of his pants. Then he grabbed a headpiece from the box and switched places with Yugi again.

Yugi blinked and looked at the object in his hands. A costume cat ear head piece.


“You said you want Bakura to be happy, did you not?”

Yugi frowned and sighed. “Alright. Only for him.”

Yugi slowly went down the stairs and everyone turned to look at him. Jonouchi looked at him and asked, “Yo Yug. What’s with the tail?”

Yugi looked at Ryou and muttered, “H-happy birthday… Ryou-kun.” Then he put the cat ears on his head. Everyone, Ryou included, looked at him. Each person was utterly completely confused.

Then Yugi took a deep breath and put his hands up as if they were paws. He began blushing furiously before saying, “M… Mew.”

Everything was silent for a moment before Ryou jumped up and hugged Yugi. “Oh, Yugi-kun! This is so kind! You know I love cats, and I love you! I didn’t think you’d put the two together! Thank you so much!”

Then Ryou leaned down and gave Yugi a sweet peck on the lips. “Thank you,” he breathed. “This is the best present ever. Nothing compares to it.”

Yugi decided that maybe, just maybe, wearing cat ears wasn’t so embarrassing after all.

Yugioh does not belong to me!! All characters belong to the anime stations that played them and the mangaka that created them!

This was a request from
You said you wanted Yugi to surprise Ryou with cat ears, right? Ehm..... I'm not sure if this is what you wanted... But I honestly tried my best. I haven't written anything fluffy in a while because of the darkness surrounding Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, so I apologize if this is absolutely horrible. :'(

I'm sorry!
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